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PermaLinkIt's Good To Be Back At Lotusphere11:08:52 PM

After missing Lotusphere for the first time last year, I'm glad to be back again.

My employer didn't send anyone from our team this year, but I decided to take the time off and come on my own. I'll be working at the OpenNTF booth in the product showcase.

As usual, the flight down was a reunion in it's own right, with Mary Beth Raven and IBMers Dave Kern and Mark Vincenes on the same flight. I'm staying at the All-Star Resort so I haven't walked into the Dolphin lobby for the second phase of the reunion yet, Actually, since my wife and I have scheduled some "Us Time" at EPCOT on Saturday and Universal Islands of Adventure on Sunday, I may not get to the Dolphin until just before the Sunday night opening party.


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