PermaLinkBanned IPs Still Leaving Trackbacks
11:49:13 PM

I've been getting trackback spam for several months now. Thankfully it's only in annoying quantity, not maddeningly annoying quantity. I don't show unverified trackbacks, so it's not like anyone seems them besides me, but still... I've tried to take steps to block the most egregious offenders. Like this one: has been hitting me with trackback spam for weeks, usually a half dozen to a dozen a day. I added that address to the banned list in my server doc:

The server has been rebooted since this entry went in, but that address is still posting. Huh? Anyone have any ideas?

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1. Rob McDonagh04/21/2005 10:07:17 PM

I don't have anything constructive to add. I just thought it was curious that I get a similar amount of trackback spam, but while yours all seem to contain ph_rmaceutical references mine all have to do with online g_mbling. Since I have no history with any online g_mbling sites, I assume you likewise have no history with the online dr_g business. I wonder what is triggering the spammers though - it is really amazingly consistent at my site. I wonder if it's just that I'm in one spammer's address book while you're being harrassed by a different one.

2. Richard Schwartz04/21/2005 10:12:20 PM

The g_mbling spam comes in waves here. Right now it's ebbing, but it will come back. The ph_rma spam is a bit more consistent, but it does subside occasionally.

3. 05/06/2005 09:16:23 AM

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