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04:36:35 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

Jonathan Schwartz is President of Sun Microsystems. We are not related. I know this with 100% certaintly because the name "Schwartz" only goes back two generations in my family. It was my grandfather's pseudonym -- one of several, actually -- and he formally adopted it when he came to this country. That makes it easy for me to know every single Schwartz to whom I am directly related.

I just wanted to make this clear because of Jonathan Schwartz's inane comment about IBM yesterday

The second momentous change announced last week was IBM's decision to permit company employees to blog. It's certainly a good step forward for a company increasingly seen as retreating to isolationism - so I want to welcome my colleagues at IBM to the blogosphere, and humbly offer Sun's blogging policy as a template for your own.


"Permit"? Excuse me! The announcement was that IBM is encouraging blogging. They've been permitting it for years already. IBM employees have been blogging longer than Jonathan Schwartz has. They've been blogging since before Sun had a blogging policy. "Retreating into isolationism"? Excuse me, once again! The Schwartz is not with Jonathan on this. Nor are the facts. He's still taking shots at IBM for not jumping up and down to support some of their software products on Solaris x86. IBM has a long-established history of supporting more combinations of OS and hardware platforms than just about any other software vendor, so choosing to exclude one particular combination is not even close to isolationism. And, Jonathan... IBM's own newly created blogging gudelines, crafted primarily by the veteran IBM bloggers themselves are perfectly adequate, thank you very much!

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1. Chris Linfoot05/17/2005 07:25:59 AM

This looks like protesting too much Rich.

I think we need some hard DNA evidence

2. Richard Schwartz05/17/2005 08:04:17 AM

Next time I'm in the same room with Jonathan Schwartz, I'll be sure to ask for a few strands for comparison.


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