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11:22:36 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.... Who cares?

Would the news media please shut up about it already?

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1. Duffbert06/18/2005 10:48:57 AM

Come on, Rich... The Michael Jackson trial is over, so the public has to have *something* to get all worked up about!

2. Dan Sickles06/18/2005 01:22:54 PM

"Who cares"

Lots of folks. I apparently have a defective celebrity-worship gene. Maybe it really is important stuff

3. Barry06/19/2005 09:57:17 PM

I care because apathy could result in us loosing katie forever. Along the same lines as your movement to have features added to Domino 7, there's a growing movement to liberate katie from the dark side. Maybe if enough people join in they'll call it a chorus, or at least an "ology".

4. Richard Schwartz06/19/2005 11:50:21 PM


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