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04:45:09 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 1. Life
Location : Nashua, NH

No, this has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. (But I'll be blogging about that soon.)

Via The New York Times, a giant panda cub has been born at the National Zoo in Washington. "Giant" is, of course, a total misnomer when applied to infant pandas, as they are insanely small compared to their parents, but perhaps this is really an apt analogy: the best things that come out of Washington are things that start off very, very small.

There is a live panda cam at the zoo, and in the snapshot shown here it is focused on the sleeping mama panda, Mei Xiang. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Not a lot of action, mostly... but after about 20 minutes she sat up... and altough it's very hard to say, I think she was licking the baby for a while before she curled up again. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, actually. Perhaps she's trying to think up a name for her baby. None has been announced yet.

If you have problems with the cam on the zoo page, there's another feed with the same video hosted at AnimalPlanet, but that one seems to require the Real plug-in. There's also a panda cam at the San Diego Zoo.

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1. Debbie07/11/2005 04:24:34 PM

This just made my weekend! I can't wait to go up there in a few months to visit. Give the baby a little while to get bigger and you'll be able to see it better.

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