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07:46:00 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

IBM moves executives around regularly. It's part of their philosophy of building top-level managers with broad experience around the company. Their shifting of Ambuj Goyal to DB2 in place of the retiring executive Janet Perna should be no surprise to anyone. Congratulations to Ambuj! Also, congratulations to Mike Rhodin, who is stepping up into Ambuj's former role as GM for Lotus Software.

I believe that this will be very good for Lotus Software. Before he came to Lotus, Ambuj was deeply involved with the Websphere products. Now he's going on to DB2, and he brings with him his deep understanding of both Lotus and Websphere. We've seen what he has done to simplify and clarify the confusion caused by having the J2EE and Notes/Domino "lanes" in the IBM Workplace roadmap in the past few years, and I think that only someone with strong support in the Websphere organization could have done that. It isn't, however, just Domino and Websphere that have been coming together as part of the Workplace story... it's also DB2. Ambuj will now be on the DB2 side, and you can bet that he will be working to simplifty and clarify the parts of the roadmap that deal with storage issues where there is still much confusion over the long-term roles of NSF, DB2 and XML. And Mike Rhodin will be good for Lotus Software, as well. I've met him myself only briefly, and have been very impressed personally. Mike also has strong ties to the Websphere organization going back to before he assumed his prior role of VP of Development for Collaboration and Human Interaction, so Lotus does not lose much of the benefit of Ambuj's connections in that organization. Most importatnly, however, I've heard nothing but good things about Mike from people who have dealt with him more extensively.

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