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12:13:30 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

Blogdigger brought me to this post by a fellow named Joe Mullins, which has a rant about Notes in the last paragraph.

Lotus Notes sucks eggs as an e-mail program. I'm sending out large pictures to a number of people, and when you send, it just locks up notes until it's done. Considering I have a 20k/sec up pipe to my server, I have to wait like 15 minutes each time I send a mail. Completely locked up. No threading. Barf. Hate you notes. Hate you so much.

Update: My comment has (actually) been posted to Joe's blog -- even though I got an error message every time I tried to post it, and refreshes at the time didn't show it. Next two paragraphs can be ignored.

Well, that's obviously a case of a user who hasn't been trained how to configure and use the software, so trying to be helpful I wrote a response and tried to post it to Joe's blog. I got this error message: "An error occurred. You must define a Comment Pending template." Perhaps it's Movable Type that "sucks eggs", rather than Notes. I also tried to using the email link that Joe has on his blog, and I got a bounce with the extraordinarily helpful message "Permanent Failure: Other undefined Status". Hmmm...

I'm not set up to do trackbacks. Maybe I'll try to make Mike Golding's trackback client work with the blogsphere template sometime, but given the success rate trying to contact Joe so far I don't think I'll bother to set myself up just to make another try. But, Joe, if you should ever google yourself and find your way to this page, here is what I was trying to tell you...

Actually, if you're on a slow line, Notes has features that were specifically designed for your situation. Back when the first versions of the product were written, anybody who was out of the office was certain to be on a slow line. Its ability to deal with this nicely was a big part of the reason Notes succeeded in the corporate market.

It sounds like your Notes client is configured as if it were permanently connected to a high-speed network. It should be configured as a remote client -- or if it's a laptop it should be configured to switch between modes. Anyhow, you should look into using Notes' replication feature, which would let you create a local copy of your mail file, create messages locally and then send them up to the server in background. And since you never know when a large message is going to come in, replication can also poll in background and copy the message into the local mail file, which will let you avoid the long delay you get when opening messages with large attachments. If you call your help desk, the key things you will want them to do are guide you through "setting up a local mail replica", and "setting up a location document for local mail and scheduled background replication". There is information in the Notes help files about this as well. If you can't get through it on your own and if your help desk can't help you with it, there are plenty of people on the 'net who can. Best place to find help would be here

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1. Joe Mullins10/11/2005 07:13:01 PM


Technically, I am connected to a high speed network, but we have been having uplink problems to our server. My real gripe here is that it can't just background the process normally without replication like every other mail app in existence. Instead it just locks up the whole app.

Sorry about your comment being eaten at first, my spam plugin was in a bad place. New MT upgrade to the rescue. Why the e-mail barfed it beyond me at the moment, seems to be working okay. Perhaps another over-zealous spam filter. Sorry for all the trouble.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and help me out. Our real issue is the upstream issues we're having to our server, and I was just venting about Notes' lack in this area. Not sure it's really worth replication to deal with the issue.

2. 20161125caihuali11/25/2016 12:21:32 AM

3. chenyingying12/01/2016 09:15:53 PM

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