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11:49:49 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

Via Ranger Ed, here are the dates and locations for the North American launch events for Notes and Domino 7. I expect that I'll be there at the Waltham, MA event on October 26th.

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1. Curt Stone08/29/2005 12:55:33 PM

Is the event in Woburn or Waltham? The Ibm site shows Woburn. Either way, I'm considering making the trip from CT.

2. Richard Schwartz08/29/2005 01:09:45 PM

How 'bout that!? I just assumed Waltham because it's close to the big IBM facility there, but it does indeed say Woburn. All those "W" towns near Boston run together in me brain. In addition to Woburn and Waltham, there's Watertown, Wakefield, Wellesley, Winchester, Weston...

3. Curt Stone08/29/2005 01:56:19 PM

True. I had to check out to see where Woburn was even though I went to college in Waltham. (Bentley)

4. Richard Schwartz08/29/2005 05:22:02 PM

Woburn is right near the intersection of I-93 and I-95 (aka Route 128). Coming from the south, it looks like the best way is to take the Washington Ave. exit from 128. Beware, though. Traffic there can be brutal, depending on the time of day.

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