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11:10:53 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

Well, what do you know? Both the Yankees and the Red Sox made the playoffs, with identitical records of 95-67 for the season after the Sox beat up on Jaret Wright and various other Yankee pitchers today. As discussed yesterday, the inconsistent MLB rules award the Eastern Division title to the Yankees due to their 10-9 record against the Sox, so the Red Sox get the wild card and therefore get to play the White Sox, whose 99-63 record makes them the top team amongst the three division champs. The Yankees get to play the Angels, who coincidentally also have a 95-67 record. The Cleveland Indians, by virtue of losing their final three games, go to hear the fat lady sing. I hadn't really been following Cleveland's progress this year, but they had a remarkable run, in which they lost only 12 games over a period of nearly eight weeks, only to lose six of their last seven to just miss out on the opportunity to make the playoffs -- and to play spoiler for either the Yankees or the Red Sox.

This raises the possibility of an ALCS re-match of the Yankees and Red Sox. Hmmm.... I gotta admit, I think I'd rather see the Yankees face the White Sox than the Red Sox, even though the White Sox have the better record.

I think the fat lady may have made a stop at the Patriots game against San Diego, today, too. I think she played the second half for them, because it sure didn't look like the real Pats out there -- losing their first home game in an eternity.

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1. Danny Lawrence10/03/2005 03:36:13 PM

I don't know for certain, but my guess is that head-to-head records are used to break a tie between 2 teams (or maybe teams in the same division) and a playoff is used as a tiebreaker among 3 teams.

2. Ron Heller10/05/2005 10:27:18 AM

C'mon, Rich - at least acknowldge that there is another baseball league in existence. It's called (repeat after me) the N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L leage, where actual baseball is occasionally played.

Ya gotta feel sorry for Jake Peavey, who probably blew whatever slim chances the Padres may have had by cracking his ribs in the Padres' post-clinch celebration, and then trying to ignore the pain while getting beat about the head and shoulders by the Redbirds.

3. Richard Schwartz10/05/2005 12:27:33 PM

The National League? I thought they just existed to lose the All Star Game!

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