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08:26:31 PM

Please do not take this as alarmist. I am known to sometimes have a highly sensitive digestive system. The physician I just went to see, however, said that the most likely cause of the symptoms I have been feeling since within minutes of having lunch at the buffet in Pacific hall is a food-borne staph infection. It would only be confirmable if others came down with similar symptoms, particularly others who ate from the same buffet table (the farthest from the Dolphin-side entrance) at roughly the same time (I'm guessing it was around 12:15 PM, and ate some of the same foods (I had rice, a tortilla, a little bit of the chicken, a couple of jalapenos, a little bit of tomato, a little bit of cheese, a little bit of sour cream, a small piece of the fish, and one of the pastries). The symptoms in question are intestinal distress, stomach distress, and fever (up to 102.1F, or about 39C). They intestinal problem hit within minutes, the fever and stomach problem several hours later. I had an instant influenza test that is between 65% and 80% accurate depending on the strain and it came back negative for both A and B.

I am resting in my room. Sadly that meant skipping the party, but it's definitely for the best. I'll have to take it slow for at least 24 hours, but unless there's something more dramatic going on than meets the eye I should be back in good shape in plenty of time to enjoy most of the conference, and certainly in time to deliver my presentation along with Dieter Stalder on Wednesday morning (BP405, "Controlling Spam Mail In Your Organization").

Again, please no alarmism, but do let me know if you were affected, too. If there's seveal of us, it would make sense to alert the folks in charge of meals, but I'm not going to talk to anyone officially if it's just me.

Btw: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I should have what I need, thanks to the hotel for referring me to a local walk-in clinic, thanks to a few friends who immediately volunteered to run some errands for me. I even have connectivity in my room, which wasn't working previously, thanks to the hotel's tech support service. I may or may not attend the opening general session. I'll sit close to the door if I do I'm going to take it easy otherwise until I feel up to it.

I'm not sure, but I think posting a few articles to the blog does count as taking it easy. I do find it relaxing, most of the time.

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1. Joe Litton01/22/2006 10:11:04 PM

Gosh, Rich, so sorry to hear you got whacked with this! Glad that you were able to get things attended to in short order. Best wishes for rapid recovery in time to enjoy the 'sphere.

2. Richard Schwartz01/22/2006 10:32:57 PM

Thanks, Joe. If memory serves me right, last year or the year before you went through something similar.

3. Jerry Glover01/23/2006 12:14:10 AM

Hope you feel better quickly Rich; rough way to start off Lotusphere. Sadly I'll miss seeing you and a bunch of other folks down there as I couldn't make the trip this year.

Blog lots for me so I can keep up.

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