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12:23:05 PM

My fever is down to not-quite-normal, and the gastro-intestinal machine shop seems to have come out of overdrive. After four houirs of waking up in an emergency situation within 20 minutes of having fallen asleep, and having already exhausted the supply of medicines that I had in my travel kit, which I had figured would last me through the night, I went out the back door of the Yacht Club and took a walk over to the Dolphin to visit the 24 hour store at Tubbie's Buffeteria.

I can't say that I enjoyed it fully, the walk along the boardwalk toward the Dolphink and then along the set of paths that follows the perimiter of the building is kind of peaceful that time of night. I worked my way around to the Swan-side entrance.

Once in the Dolphin, however, there was a maze to contend with. They were doing a major floor-waxing job there blocking the normal path to Tubbie's but one of the workers led me up one floor in the elevator, down along a long corridor, through some quick turns, back down a set of stairs, and doubling back through another long corridor to get there. The woman working the register, noting that I was buying Imodium and plain crackers, gave a sympathetic look and had the good sense not to say "Have A Magical Day" to me. After retracing my steps partially through the maze, I went up to the rotunda lobby, diverted to the men's room for a bit, and then walked through the convention area, deserted except for a couple of security guards whom I don't think even noticed me walk by, and back to the Yacht Club's front door.

I went back to my room with stash of fresh medicine, and tried to relax even though I wasn't yet ready to try to go to sleep. Nathan kept me company on IM for a while, and then somewhere between 5 AM and 6 AM my wife came on-line, so I called her on my cell. It's good to have a nurse in the family. She kept me from overdoing the medicine, and gave me a dose of patience.

Although it wasn't until 6 30 AM before I felt confident enough to allow myself to try sleeping, things did go much better from there on.


I slept until past 11,without further emergencies. I missed all the morning festivities, and since I'm not really feeling like challenging myself with lunch, I'm not exactly in a rush to get over to the Dolphin yet. There's a lot to catch up on, though, so I'm going to try to pick up the pace a bit and see what happens.

So, here's a travel tip to add to the list: Keep the medicine in your travel kit fresh. It's entirely possible that the medicines in my kit were well past their expiration date. It;'s hard to tell since I don't keep them in their full packaging. The stuff I bought at 3 AM, though the same brand, seemed to be much more effective.

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1. Gregg Eldred01/23/2006 01:10:14 PM

Take your time. Nothing is worse than being out of town and sick. Even if you are at 'Sphere.

2. Kevin01/23/2006 01:54:13 PM

I hope you feel better soon!

3. Jon Johnston01/23/2006 04:47:27 PM

Wow.... sorry you are sick and missing stuff, Rich. Hope you feel better and have a good time..... and thanks for doing the aggregator. I never get to go to Lotusphere, but need to keep up and it helps.

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