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Live blogging from INV402

Duncan Mewherter, Steve Foley and Tony Higham are presenting this session about corporate blogging, drawing heavily on IBM's internal blogging experience, and highlighting the blogging tools from IBM Workplace. None of the presenters have, as far as I can tell, a public blog. No, wait, Mewherter does, but I can't see the URL.

Mewherter started off with an overview of blogs, yadda yadda. He dispensed with the introductory stuff on the theory that everyone alreayd knows what they are. During an aside into a brief introduction to wikis, Mewherter mentioned something about wikis within Quickplace. Sounds interesting, though perhaps I mis-heard. Will have to clarify later. IBM is using wikis internally with an "incredibly rapid adoption curve". Quicker even than blogs. Using for things like release notes.

Steve Foley took over to talk about feeds, and his approach was completey different. I.e., he didn't assume the audience knew anything. Despite the popularity of all this technology, I think he was probably right with respect to most of the audience. Unfortunately, he moved way too quickly, and I think he lost a lot of people. IBM's goal is "an orange button everywhere". In addition to the usual, IBM is using feeds for calendar sharing, monitoring shared file stores, and also podcasting. Websphere Portal supports syndication of content produced by Teamspace components. Websphere Content Manager, Portal Document Manager, IBM Workplace Forms, and also supports a framework and set of services for generic support of feed production and consumption. (This is pretty cool. If only it weren't tied to portal!) I just missed a slide that had information more relevant to me... what I caught is that Domino.Doc and the new Activity-Centric collaboration tools include feed generation, but here were a couple of additional bullets.

Mewherter took over again to show us Workplace. I'm pretty sure that he said that they've been working on blogging components for workplace for more than a year. They support multiple blog types (i.e., different skins). They support publication to the outside world with an Atom feed that pushes from internal blog to external blgos, including blogs on public hosting sites. They can also publish a blog entry to QuickPlace this way.

Tony Higham finally came on. He's always fun. He wasn't listed as a speaker on the program, so it's a pleaant surprise. I wish he weren't limited to the last 15 minutes. Tony is talking about to talk about integrating feeds with content management in portal. It's prototype code. First he showed is a feed portlet, but the XML he just showed had a lot of tags with a namespace prefix that looks like "ibmfeed:" Next he went into some code in WCM and did a manual operation to pull in the feed. The intention is to automate this, of course. "Where the rubber hits the road" is in creative ways for using feeds to share content between components.

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