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02:10:47 PM

The INV301 presentation is by Irene Greif and David Millen. The wireless wouldn't give me an IP until 40 minutes into it, so I'm playing catch-up. Irene gave an overview of what social network software is and why it's relevant to business and to IBM. David came up to give more detailed information, starting with explanations of some cool graphcs derived from email inspection -- inferring relationships between people who exchange email. I get the feeling that there's no directionality inferred from relationships. There's been a lot of research over the years -- I used some of it as one of the bases for my undergraduate thesis more than 20 years ago, and it was already old then! -- about inferring directionality of social relationships from communication patterns, but I don't know whether changes in communication technology make that old research more or less relevant. Gut feeling: less relevant. David then went on to show Dogear, which is a behind-the-firewall social bookmarking system in use at IBM. From the numbers he showed, though, it doesn't look like it is used as much as it could be, but I don't know how long it's been in operation. I talked to David about this in the lab yesterday, actually, and the first thing I asked was whether I can bookmark Notes documents, and he didn't have an anser. Today, however, I was talking to Miguel Estrada, and he said that he uses a smarticon to build a note:// URL, which is a cool way to do it. Those of you who know me well, however, will know that I'll never be satisfied until there's an exposed drag-and-drop API. Miguel told me that Hannover will expose the notes;// URL on the clipboard during drag-and-drop, which will be a great solution.

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