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12:39:48 AM

My friend Carl, who has been a regular Lotusphere attendee, sent me an email a couple of days ago, that said this:

I don't know where to post this, so I'll just say it here...

You people rock! Jamfest is the best thing that's happened to Lotusphere in years! Thanks for a couple of great evenings...

Feel free to forward.

- Carl

I'm mostly a rhythm player (especially when I'm as out of practice as I am these days), but I'm enthusiastic about it -- and judging by the comments I got from some folks I think that showed. In any case, I had a blast -- particularly on Tuesday when I was really fully recovered from the gastro-intestinal crud. I sat in on only two songs on Monday, and somewhere in the range of eight to ten on Tuesday. Highlights for me were "Fire", "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", and "Move It On Over".

Next year, though, I sure hope someone brings a guiro. There was at least one Santana tune played on Tuesday, and trying to scratch out the rhythm with my fingers on a beer can just didn't work.

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1. Gerco Wolfswinkel02/01/2006 03:08:50 AM

I was there tuesday evening, and it was awesome. Definitely a repeat for next year, I'd say!

2. KJ aka Pat Benetar02/03/2006 03:40:26 PM

Hey! I'm glad I was part of your highlight! I had a BLAST! and can't wait for next year. Going off to find some songs to practice.....

3. Jerry Glover02/03/2006 05:34:04 PM

So will there be a next year? Hope so, since I missed 'sphere entirely this year, but I do hope to be back next time. Anything get covered that needed a horn section? I'd bring the trumpet in addition to my vocal skills. (I did see the the Red Box group had a sax player).

4. Richard Schwartz02/03/2006 08:44:55 PM

A horn section would be great! Someone would just have to bring some chord and lyric sheets for some Chicago, Southside Johnny, Blood Sweat & Tears.

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