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12:03:25 AM

I gave my younger daughter a choice between seeing the Pink Panther, Eight Below, or Curious George. I was hoping for the Pink Panther. From the clips I've seen, I'm not as confident as I originally was that Steve Martin is up to the task of following in Peter Sellers' footsteps, but I still think it will be worth seeing. My second choice was Eight Below. She chose Curious George. She's ten years old, and I thought this movie might be aimed at too young an audience for her, not to mention me.

It really is aimed at children much younger than ten, but my daughter enjoyed it anyhow. Unlike many contemporary animated films, this one is not chock-full of fast-moving jokes aimed to go over the heads of the kids but be appreciated by the adults, but I enjoyed it anyhow, though most likely for different reasons than my daughter. I appreciated the simplicity of the animation. I appreciated the fact that the filmmakers did not give George a human voice. I appreciated the calming soundtrack by Jack Johnson. I appreciated the mix of action scenes, intrigue scenes, comic scenes, and introspective scenes (both for George and the Man With The Yellow Hat), and the fact that all of them were done with an understated tone rather than with the exaggerated presentation used in so many kids cartoons. I appreciated the laughter of the kids around me. There were snippets of story-line that I recognized from the original stories, but the main plot wasn't anything that I recognized. Perhaps I didn't read or don't recall enough of the books, though.

There are a lot of films that I like a lot but probably wouldn't watch again on cable or DVD. This is one that I liked a little, but I would probably watch again if I wanted to spend a quiet hour and a half with young children.

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1. Simon Barratt03/06/2006 04:50:16 PM
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I saw this over the weekend too. My two kids - 3 & 5 loved it, as did the other kids in the audience. I completely agree with your comments.

It was very refreshing to see a fun, yet relaxed film.

In contrast to Will Ferrell sounding great, I was glad the annoyingly, sickly voice of Drew Barrymore, was kept to the bare minimum!

2. Richard Schwartz03/06/2006 05:17:32 PM

I didn't realize it was Will Ferrell until the credits. I'm glad of that, too, because I don't particularly like him and it might have prejudiced me. I agree about Drew Barrymore, although I've never found her voice annoying before.

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