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11:34:55 AM

Rocky is refreshing his LotusGeek honor roll today, and that makes this a good time to re-announce that the official Yellow Is The New Black button was chosen last week after a close race in the poll that we ran last month.

So, now in addition to being on the LotusGeek and Fighting FUD honor rolls, you can be on the Yellow Is The New Black honor roll. Just add our button to your blog and let me know (email rhs at

Phil Randolph is the first proud wearer of the YITNB badge. You can be the second, third, fourth, fifth...!

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1. Phil Randolph03/06/2006 12:33:34 PM

Thanks for the nice publicity Richard!

It's nice to be the first sometimes!

2. Chris Whisonant03/06/2006 01:42:59 PM

Count me in...

3. Jens Polster03/06/2006 02:07:40 PM

"us too..."

4. Sean Burgess03/06/2006 02:41:18 PM

It'll show up on mine as soon as I replicate......


5. Simon Barratt03/06/2006 04:41:11 PM
Homepage: HTTP://

Busted link! In the 'Yellow is the new black button' text.

6. Richard Schwartz03/06/2006 05:19:21 PM

Hmm... anyone else seeing that? It works fine here. Is it consistent for you? There's some redirecting going on with to actually get to my server. Perhaps there was a glitch in the godaddy servers.

7. Gregg Eldred03/07/2006 10:58:12 AM

I'm in.

8. Simon Barratt03/10/2006 01:42:26 PM

Still broken for me.

When I mouse over the link this is the url I see:


Looks like it is missing the .com after black.

9. Richard Schwartz03/10/2006 02:45:15 PM

Good catch. I've noticed that DNS resolution from machines on my network will automatically add .com, .org, and .net (I think in that order) to domains and attempt to resolve them. That probably doesn't work for you and lots of others. Fixing now.

10. leilei391502/28/2017 02:23:00 AM

20170228 leilei3915

11. zzzzz02/28/2017 08:41:12 PM

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