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06:56:09 PM

Domino blogger Alan Bell posted a story yesterday about his new web site A Story For Bedtime. Alan is a parent of young children, and a technology geek, and he's found a way to bring the two together. It's not just a cool thing for him to do. He's built something that families everywhere can have fun with and participate in.

The basic concept is that parents and other grown-ups can download and upload mp3 recordings of themselves reading stories to their children. The stories can be traditional stories, original made up stories, or readings of short picture books. I am working with publishers on copyright permission issues for books (the publishers are actually very receptive to the idea). There will be an iTunes compatible podcast (not quite finished that bit yet) and for people who like a recording but don't have the book to go with it, there are links to buy the book on Amazon/Barnes & Nobel/Blackwell in and $ (and probably € too soon) this bit is why the publishers are so excited.

Anyone who has read to children knows how much fun it can be to give voice to a story, how much kids get into it when you do -- and how they pick up on differences in inflection between the way you read a story and the way someone else reads it. Alan's site gives your kids access to a diverse group of voices, and lets your voice become part of the diverse group of storytellers for lots of kids. It's an incredibly cool idea.

The site also has sections for songs and art work, too.

If you're a parent, check it out. And whether you are or aren't, please tell your friends who are pareents. Blog about it, if you want. It deserves some serious buzz -- even though it's not built with Domino.

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