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10:42:37 AM

I ran into LotusNotesRecovery via a BlogDigger search feed today. It's from a company called OfficeRecovery, and I can't vouch for it at all. I'm just posting the info here for future "if I ever really need it" reference. There's a free download, so I might try deliberately damaging a database at some point in order to give it a try. The site says that it can recover documents, and many design elements, but not applets, style sheets, data connections, OLE objects or attachments.

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1. Mikkel Heisterberg03/15/2006 11:19:45 AM

How would I even corrupt a Notes database to try this tool out - using a hex editor? Any ideas? I must admit I have never really corrupted a database to the point of needing a tool like this.


2. Richard Schwartz03/15/2006 12:02:23 PM

A hex editor is one way. Also, it would be easy enough to write a quick program to truncate an NSF file. Otherwise, you're right. It's really hard to do. Deliberately crashing your machine during an in-place compact operation might do it (although I would hope not!). Setting yourself up so that you'll run out of disk space in the middle of running an agent that is adding lots of new docs also might do it.

3. Mikkel Heisterberg03/15/2006 04:47:19 PM

It's just funny that we cannot think of a way (besides using a hex editor) to force a corruption and they are introducing a tool to fixup a corrupted database. One would think that a real problem should exist for a tool to be developed. Maybe it's a VB wrapper around nfixup...


4. david06/12/2007 02:27:24 PM

It happens. I have a very corrupt nsf file. Hard drive crashed. Everything was recovered by drivesavers, but my .nsf if corrupt and so far, not repairable, even by this software.

5. Majid Noor09/19/2007 04:19:12 AM

where i go to recover lotus notes nsf file file show the size but not show the emails kindly help me

6. Alejandro Cordon04/20/2009 11:47:03 AM

I have a corrupt nsf file if you want to try it! So far, I haven't been able to repair it. Besides, the other problem is that the file is 4GB.

7. Orrin07/13/2009 10:43:49 AM

It doesn't do OLE objects or attachments, what good is this?

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9. MarkPerkin10/23/2014 03:56:35 AM

NSF Repair Kit
A must-have Lotus Notes NSF repair utility for home users and professionals dealing with NSF file corruption on a regular basis.

As it works, is described here: <a href=""></a>

If it doesn't work, then look here: <a href=""></a>

10. leilei391504/11/2016 04:27:04 AM

2016-4-11 leilei

11. chenyingying10/17/2016 12:07:31 AM

12. chenjinyan11/22/2016 02:52:48 AM
Homepage: http://

13. 20161125caihuali11/25/2016 12:21:37 AM

14. chenyingying12/01/2016 09:15:53 PM

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