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11:41:11 AM

Ray, where has your credibility in the blogsphere gone? Is it hidden behind a password prompt, the way your blog is right now? Your feed includes a new article called "Wiring progress", which is an update on your ideas about a web clipboard, but the link back to the actual blog generates a Microsoft Passport login prompt -- as does any attempt to access any past story or your blog's home page. You end with "Let's keep the momentum going...", and there's a link to a discussion thread, which is good -- but it takes me to what appears to be the subscription page for a LISTSERV. Say what??? Did you not say, just last year in Orlando, that "Email is where you get messages from people you don't want to talk to"? When I last visited your blog, Ray, you didn't accept comments but you did accept trackbacks. Perhaps you still do accept them, but I have no idea unless I log in. The trackback URL is not included anywhere in your feed. It's been a few days since the article was published and there are no trackbacks. Admittedly, it's the weekend, but (with apologies to my buddy Rob) you are one of the rock stars of the industry. There would be trackbacks by now if it weren't for that password prompt.

Ray if you can't get blogging right, it either says something about you (or the people around you, who you are trusting to handle details on your behalf and just may not get it themselves... or who may actually not want blogging to be seen in the best light), or it says something about the technology. Since millions do seem to get blogging right, though, I think that the technology can't be the leading suspect. This is not, by the way, the first issue with your blog. On your old pre-Microsoft blog, for a long time the subject of posts in the feed included markup that wasn't expected. And the new blog's feed has been republished numerous times with new metadata pointing to the same content, as was recently noted by Ken Camp and which caught the attention of Adam Gaffin at NetworkWorld. Your rock star status in the industry is probably secure (and this web clipboard technology may further reinforce it), Ray, but in the blogosphere it's taking a hit right now.

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1. Greg Walrath04/03/2006 12:53:37 PM

Looks like it works now - I can get to the article with no problem. Still no commenting, though - just trackback and the ability to 'blog it', which seems to mean writing about it in one's own MSN blog.

2. Tim Brown04/03/2006 01:20:39 PM

Interesting side comment in the context of Ray's email message above. Quote from Bill Gates in the "How I work" series in Fortune magazine:

"At Microsoft, e-mail is the medium of choice, more than phone calls, documents, blogs, bulletin boards, or even meetings (voicemails and faxes are actually integrated into our e-mail in-boxes)"

3. Bob04/05/2006 01:35:20 PM

Rich: it looks like Ray's article is/was a work in progress.

@2: I think this is a bit tangential from Rich's point. From personal experience I'd concur that Microsoft is definitely an email culture for internal communications. But that's not to say that blogs, IM, discussion forums, etc. aren't important. There are certainly plenty of Microsoft bloggers. IBM also uses email heavily but is very much a conference call culture. I can't count how many hours I logged on a daily basis at IBM in conference calls...

4. Richard Schwartz04/05/2006 02:39:43 PM

@3 Bob: I've seen plenty of blogs -- including Domino-based ones, that published articles in the feed before publishing them on the site; but in this case I also tried the home page of Ray's blog and got a password prompt there, too, so if it was just a matter of the article still being in draft it apparently had a ripple effect.

5. Bob04/05/2006 07:06:17 PM

@4 Rich: Dunno. Seems like it was a transient glitch in MSN Spaces. I saw a case a few months ago where someone deleted a blog from MSN Spaces and when you tried to follow the link you ended up at a password prompt. Maybe the Spaces folks ought to avoid messing with Ray's blog...

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