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07:20:04 PM

Blogs that don't accept comments, or which limit comments only to members with accounts on a particular system. Bad idea. Blogs like that frustrate me.

I could help this guy. I'm sure that a lot of you reading this could, too. He doesn't even know that he's doing something wrong. He doesn't know that he's got a problem. His users are suffering as a result of what he does, but he's the one who is feeling frustrated! He didn't say it, but he's quite possibly thinking that Notes sucks, and telling his users that. Maybe they're believing him. But Notes is not the problem.

His users are losing their encrypted mail because he doesn't know the right way to move a user in an organizational hierarchy. He doesn't know that recertification does not change a user's public or private key so when it is done properly users should not lose access to their old mail. He probably also does not know how to remove encryption from all messages in a mail file.

But I can't help him because I'm not a member of Friendster. So he can go on feeling frustrated. but it's his users who should be frustrated.

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1. your 'this guy'06/28/2006 09:15:33 PM

Hi there...
Thank you for your comment on my blog..... However.... "Blogs like that frustrate me" (see below my thoughts)

1) My blog is a way for me to vent my frustrations and anger.... or for me to tell my friends or anyone the latest news of myself. my dreams, thoughts etc....

2) I am a newbie who was tasked to be an Notes Administrator by my boss. All my knowledge of Notes, are passed down by my colleagues in a day in house training and not having to go through proper training.

3) I do not mind any information in regards to Notes. I welcome all comments or teachings from any 'experts' as I myself do visit any Notes forums.

Finally thank you again, for visiting. I will heed your advice and do more readup of Notes, OU change etc etc.

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