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04:02:28 PM

Kevin Schofield has been with Microsoft for 18 years. He's had enough direct interaction with Bill Gates to be able to give a very personal and insightful view of the man and the changes announced this past week. Kevin really hits the nail on the head when he caps off his thoughts with this note about Ray assuming the Chief Software Architect role:

Ray Ozzie (through Lotus Notes, and then Groove) has done for network-based services what Bill did for desktop productivity, so he's going to be an excellent guide for the next part of Microsoft's journey.

This is exactly why I'm not surprised at all by Ray's selection as Gates' successor. Ray is a guy with breadth and depth of vision that far transcends what can be done today, the skills to translate his vision into an architecture and build a team capable of realizing it. Most importantly, though, he is a guy who knows how to make the the right compromises to partially realize his vision with next year's technology, and who knows what technologies to bet on being there five years from now in order to be able to finally reach the real payoff in the next decade. And Bill Gates knows this.

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1. Sean Burgess06/19/2006 11:39:39 AM

And to top it all off, Ray's vision of collaboration is one that is desktop centric, which plays nicely into MS' Windows/Office advantage. The interesting piece for me is going to be how his management style, whatever it may be, is going to be accepted but the management structure within MS. Over coming the reluctence that people have to change, especially radical change, will be Ozzie's greatest challenge.


2. Danny Lawrence06/19/2006 12:17:44 PM

I agree with Sean. There is a lot of entrenched bureaucracy at MSFT and some of them aren't going to be receptive to change.

3. Amy B06/19/2006 02:54:08 PM

Can't speak for everyone at MSFT, but the folks around me a re pretty positive about Ray's role here.

Interesting that Ed Brill hasn't made an "obligatory" Bill & Ray post...

Here's an interesting article -->,20867,19509645-36375,00.html

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