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08:31:17 PM

If you are tired of hearing the complaints of the Notes haters aobut the Notes UI, then thank Mary Beth Raven for all the good work she and the Hannover team are doing.

But also... if you are tired of hearing the complaints of the Notes haters about the Notes UI, then please read this post in which Mary Beth asks for input about the F5/Notes Logout feature for Hannover. Scan through the comments, too, as there are some very good points made there, which also spill over into a thread on Nathan's blog. Then please, please, please read the post where she announches the decision, and tell her that having F5 lock the entire desktop -- not just Notes, mind you, the entire desktop! -- is probably the worst of all possible ways to go. It is bad from a security perspective, but it is abysmal from a usability perspective.

F5 should NOT lock the entire computer desktop! No single keystroke should be able to do that.

If IBM goes through with this, we won't really need the pitchforks and torches, because the Notes haters will beat us to it. This one decision on its own could inspire enough hatred of Notes and derision of IBM's UI design to completely offset all the gains that the Hannover team is making in other areas.

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1. Chris Linfoot07/01/2006 11:44:02 AM

Amen brother.

2. Carl 07/01/2006 12:07:14 PM

I agree, F5 to do windows lock makes no sense, and what about other OS platforms? What if you just press f5 to clear caches etc?

3. Stephan H. Wissel07/01/2006 01:59:30 PM

I agree too.
Btw. (unless you are confined to a standard Thinkpad and haven't tinkered with the key mapper) there is a key that locks the entire workstation: [Windowskey]+L

4. Chris Linfoot07/01/2006 03:23:25 PM


Egad! He's right. Never knew that.

5. Richard Schwartz07/01/2006 10:14:50 PM

@3 Stephan: I am on a Thinkpad, as a matter of fact. But I don't count that as a single keystroke. On every keyboard in my possession that has a Windows key, it would be a two hand operation. And even if the Windows key were on the right side of the keyboard, it would still be an awkward gesture.

6. Chris Whisonant07/02/2006 04:05:31 PM

Great comments Richard. As I stated in the initial post by Mary Beth, I think that if they cannot get F5 to lock all screens in Hannover then it should probably be removed. If I can have my Sametime status changed by locking Windows I would just do that everytime instead of locking Notes and Windows. Thinking some more on this, they could also inform the user that only the open window will be locked if they still want to implement it. I don't think the single keystroke to lock the OS from Notes is a good idea either. Maybe it could be an option for users, but I think the Windows Key + L would be just as easy.

By the way, the Windows Key + L only works on XP and above.

7. Alan Bell07/10/2006 05:16:17 AM

my suggestion was to just lock the ID file, and forget about blanking all the client windows in whatever configuration they might be. As I see it the point of the current functionality is to prevent the ID file from performing actions under the authority of the user until they re-authenticate. Blanking the screen and locking the client application does not seem neccessary to me. I would be quite happy if the notes client still responded when locked, you can go through the menus etc, but if you want to peform any action like opening a database, you would need to log in, with the same, or different ID file.

8. jianbin01192101/19/2017 03:28:01 AM
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9. dongdong803/06/2017 10:14:40 PM

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