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05:59:18 PM

I've had great hospitality from my local hosts, and I've gotten lots of productive work done today. I'm feeling good about this unexpected trip, but it almost became an unmitigated disaster. My T43's AC adapter (P/N 92P1020) is rated for 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz. I have been using it France for the past few days, and at my hotel last night, using a simple round prong adapter that I have used on other trips to Europe with no problems. But it blew out as soon as I plugged it in at our client site today, and it took out the power for the whole office in the process, too. Thankfully, it was a very small office.

We didn't actually realize that the adapter was blown out at first. We just got the power turned back on, and I continued to work. Thankfully, I noticed soon enough that my battery level indicator was declining even though I was plugged in. Even more thankfully, one of my colleagues here was able to quickly obtain contact info for a local HP dealer who had universal AC adapters in stock and was located only a short drive from our location. We headed over, tested my adapter with a digital VOM to confirm that it was dead, then set up the universal adapter's output voltage for the ThinkPad's spec, verified that it was charging the battery, and purchased it. I guess I'll call IBM for a replacement under warranty when I get back home -- but I can use the universal adapter until then exclusively, and as a second adapter to leave in the office afterward.

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1. Bob Balaban12/20/2006 09:29:29 PM

Was there something unusual about the power in your office (or in Slovakia) that caused the thing to die? What should the rest of us TP users watch out for?

2. Richard Schwartz12/21/2006 01:59:24 AM

Nothing that I know of, other than the fact that I had a US power cord with a plug adapter. There was lots of other equipment plugged in, including another ThinkPad.

3. Marvo12/28/2006 04:27:35 PM

I have A/C adapter P/N 92P1014 and I can use it all around Europe (including Bratislava), US and Australia without any problem. Did you try to get another from IBM in Slovakia? I had tried to find out help from HP (three years ago) in Germany. HP service is really bad!!

4. Richard Schwartz12/28/2006 06:05:10 PM

@3: I'm sorry you've had trouble with HP service. If you have trouble in the future with specific issues, please let me know. I have access to internal channels at HP for making customer service complaints visible at high levels.

Regarding the adapter, the big difference between HP and IBM is that HP has an extensive retail dealer network, and IBM does not. Since I am an HP employee and I was being accompained by HP Slovakia employees, it was logical to find an HP retail dealer with a universal adapter in stock, rather than try to contact IBM in Slovakia. I can't say for sure, but since my Thinkpad was purchased direct from IBM under US warranty, even if I could have easily contacted IBM in Slovakia they may have had to put the order for a replacement in through the US.

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