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Catherine "Killer" Helzerman has tagged me for this "Five Things You Don't Know About Me" thing. Note that I'm not calling it a meme. I've seen other people refer to it that way, but I don't think that things that were specifically designed to spread around the Internet qualify as memes.

So, anyhow, I'm not entirely sure what to do with this. Should it be five things that nobody knows about me? Five things that only a few people know about me? Five things that maybe people who have been paying particularly close attention to comment threads here and elsewhere might know about me, but most people probably won't remember even if I did mention it once or twice?

There I go... over-thinking again. But that's something that most people probably already know that I do, so I guess that's not number one on the list I guess I'll just go with five things that I doubt that very many people who know me primarily from my blog know about me, but that rules out some stuff that I might have gotten away with but those of you who have actually clicked on soem of my sidebar links would know.

So here goes...

  • 1. I have a "WIN" button. Remember those? There's even a Wikipedia article about it. Back in the 70s, President Ford gave a big speech on TV about how we needed to "Whip Inflation Now" and he was wearing a little red button that said "WIN" in white letters. He said that anyone who wanted one could write to the White House and they'd send one, so I did (mainly because I thought it was the stupidest thing a President had ever done), and I've kept it all these years.

  • 2. I majored in Mathematics and the Social Sciences. That's one major, not a double. Lots of the things I studied and worked with as an undergrad have become hot topics in the computer field in recent years. E.g., social network analysis, ranking algorithms, bayesian analysis.

  • 3. In a typical week, I drink five or more gallons of iced tea. It's decaf when at home, but the strong stuff when I'm out. Never raspberry, peach, mint, or anything that isn't just simply tea.

  • 4. The musical artist I have seen performing live more than any other is (was) Harry Chapin. He died on the night my first wife and I started seeing each other. And the accident in which he died involved a truck belonging to the store chain where I worked during high school.

  • 5. Apart from Douglas Adams books, one Heinlein book, and the Harry Potter series, I've not read even one science fiction or fantasy book as an adult. And I managed only a couple of chapters of Tolkien the one time I set out to read it.

So, now it's my turn to play tag. I tag Andrew, Amy, Chris, Rob and Rocky.

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