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I have an additional special reason for being in this session. I'd probably be attending due to my interest in the content even if I were still consulting, and I am attending now because it is directly relevant to my archiving product, but the special reason is one of the presenters. IBMer Tarcio Souza was a temp employee of my first client, and amongst his miscellaneous duties was taking care of the R3 Notes server that was installed for one office. I taught him the fundamentals of Notes R3 administration. He was an eager student, a diligent worker, and clearly ambitious, and I could see that he had a lot of potential. He moved on from his position with that particular client, and we kept in touch. Six and a half years ago he joined IBM, shortly after the startup that I recruited him into closed down.. When I came into the room, he saw me and came down from the stage to shake hands.. He thanked me for the role I played in helping him develop his career, but really I should thank him because seeing him at this level of success -- seeing him on the Big Stage here at Lotusphere -- really makes me feel good about myself, knowing that I have been able to help people as individuals, not just to help them help their organizations solve problems.

Here's a summary of some of the content.

The first piece of big news is that in Notes 8, there is just one mail template. Mail8.ntf is an integrated template for both Notes and DWA users. There is a mention on the slide of three different clients: Notes Standard, Notes Basic, and DWA. I'm not sure what Notes Basic is. I'll have to follow up on that part.

There's a dramatically improved interface for managing out-of-office, including specification of the time, not just the date, when OOO takes effect. It is integrated with the calendar to mark your OOO time as "busy". It automaticaly disables when the OOO time expires. OOO is now available as a service instead of as an agent -- but it can still run as an agent if you want to do that. (Why would you??) The service is integrated into the router, and it responds instantly.. Mail rules can now add a flag to messages to prevent OOO from responding to them. Agents that are triggered to run "before delivery" can also add the same $Block=1 flag.

Next comes delegation. Again, there's a revamped UI. Note to self: Find out whether delegation information is stored in the mail profile doc, or whehter this is just a UI front-end for ACL changes.

There's a new LotusInboxCleanupAgent that moves messages out of the inbox. It's not enabled by default, and it only affects read messages. That's really interesting, because as far as I know, there's no way today for an agent to detect whether or not a message has been read. But hmmm... maybe it's not really an agent. It is controlled by server document settings. There is no client UI.

The session also covered some new Notes development features that have been implemented to support the mail template. The ability to set an agent to run on server start is one that sounds like it will be very useful.

Wow! I mentioned above that mail rules can set the $Block field. But it's not a builtin feature of the template! This presentation is actually documenting the techniques for hacking the mailf rules that Daniel Koffler and Chris Linfoot have pioneered!

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1. Dave Delay01/22/2007 06:26:05 PM

"Notes Basic" is just the traditional Notes client without the Eclipse/Expeditor infrastructure, Activities or Composite Apps. "Notes Standard" is the full client with all of the above. The Basic and Standard adjectives may not be in the final product names. That's for the marketing folks to decide.

2. Richard Schwartz01/23/2007 01:44:19 AM

Ahh... Sure. I should have thought of that. Thanks, Dave.

3. Philip Storry01/23/2007 09:52:14 AM

Why would you still rnu the agent?

Because not everybody is on Notes 8 yet. The moment you're a total Notes 8.0 shop, you flip teh switch. But until then, you may not want to have to support two OOO mechanisms, which could cause confusion for users.

Of course, if some of your laptop users are being a bit tardy at bringing them in for upgrade, you could flip the switch at 95% completion, just to give them a reason to bring the laptop in.

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