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12:18:39 AM

No, it isn't.

Yes, that's harsh. I know it is, but it's a fact. We can't wish it away. We need to be honest about the fact the Mac 7.0.2 release is a great advance, that it is near parity, but there is still no Java, therefore it is not complete parity..

There's so much positive news at this Lotusphere, and I was recently faulted in a comment thread for griping about this parity issue on the day GA of 7.0.2 was announced. I hate to go negative again here, but Pggnny Scharfman is just flat out wrong about "complate parity". "Near parity" would be fine, but not "complete". Peggnny is wrong to make the claim, and she should know it. As an ISV, I am unable to deliver solutions that work across all Notes platforms because the Mac lacks complete parity. Public IBM statements that give my customers the impression that it is my fault that I can not deliver solutions that include their Mac users are plenty of reason for me to gripe.

Just to be sure, after the presentation I went right up to the desk to talk to co-presenter Kevin Cavanaugh. He said that he knew he'd be called on it when Peggnny said that, and he said that he saw my grimace when I heard here say it. I asked him about progress with Java support on the Mac, and he told me that he can't even promise a solution in 8.0.1, which will be the first Mac release for Hannover.

That's right. You heard me right. Kevin Cavanaugh could not promise delivery of complete parity for Notes on the Mac platform, even in Notes 8.0.1.

This problem is apparently extremely difficult to resolve. It's a Carbon and Cocoa thing, as I've been told several times. I take Kevin at his word, and I don't believe that it's just a matter of failure to give this problem priority. At this point, I need to give up hope that it will ever be solved. I need to look for alternative ways -- C API, most likely, because LotusScript can't do the things I need -- to provide functionality for Mac users. ((( sigh )))

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1. Carl01/24/2007 06:22:22 AM

FYI It's Penny.

2. Richard Schwartz01/24/2007 06:44:21 AM

Ooops! Correcting now. Was late.


3. Kerr01/24/2007 06:52:28 AM

Aaarrgggg!! Strike through madness

4. Richard Schwartz01/24/2007 07:59:18 AM


Next problem??

5. Kerr01/24/2007 09:32:11 AM

OK... Prove the Riemann Hypothesis

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