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04:18:20 PM

I do very little Domino web work now, but I'm still attending this session and live blogging. It's just something I've sepent so much time with in the past, and I want to keep up with. Plus, I will be getting back into it soon enough to meet some product requirements, so it's not just sentimental value here.

The presenter is Mark Vincenzes. We go right into the good stuff: $$HTMLTagAttributes field. Yeeeehah! So what if it's another ugly $$ field? We've needed this for as long as I can remember doing Domino web work. And $$HTMLFrontMatter gives us the ability to change the DOCTYPE on an form-by-form basis. $$HTMLOptions is a way to control HTML generation at the form, table, section (etc.?) level. It contains name=value pairs, including RowAtATimeTableAlt, ForceSectionExpan, ForceOutlineExpand, DisablePassThruHTML and TextExactSpacing. That last one preserves whitespace with nbsp character entity encoding. DisablePassThruHTML is a way to prevent end-users from putting HTML tags into fields and having them sent to the browser intact. An $$HTMLOptions_Fieldname field is the way to specify field-level control of the various options.

JSON support has been added via the $OutputFormat=JSON argument to ?ReadViewEntries. This could be pretty useful. Other useful URL args include ResortAscendingPN, which controls view column sorting by programmatic name instead of column number, &NavigateRevere=1, which reverses the order of the view, so &start=1 refers to the last entry, and &KeyType=number.

There's a new HTML API that gives standalone programs to call into the web engine command handler and receive HTML. Calls include CreateConverter, ConvertNote, Convert, ConvertElement, and GetText (to actually get the converted HTML as text). There are also routines for accessing "references" -- i.e., generated URLs within the generated HTML. Cool! We've only been asking for this for about 8 years! I don't think I see anything in the demo code that would prevent calling the functions from LotusScript, but I imagine it won't be long before this is exposed in the Domino objects.

Battery is running low, so that's all for now.

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1. Kerr01/25/2007 06:38:55 AM

By "HTML API" do you mean an extention to the C API that gives access to the HTML engine of Domino? Also nice to see some new toys for Domino web developers. I didn't even think we'd even get this for ND8, the focus being client.

2. Richard Schwartz01/25/2007 11:48:03 PM

Yes, that's what I mean by an HTML API. My syntax above was a bit garbled, but you got the point. It is indeed a set of C API calls that give access to the HTML engine.

3. chenyingying10/17/2016 12:06:16 AM

4. dongdong811/17/2017 11:19:17 PM

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