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08:35:02 AM

Views are decoupled from the back-end via the CSI (Common Services Interface), and decoupled from forms via the COR (Content Operations Registry). The implication: Notes 8 client could display "views" of Exchange data, open documents based on Java forms, etc. But to me, that's not the big surprise.

The bigger surprise is that while it is true that Notes 8 is not a Java re-write of Notes (as some people have, even very recently, been thinking it is), it is much more than just native Notes code running inside Eclipse, surfaced through an SWT GUI translation layer, and hooked into capabilities for communicating between plugins. That's how I've been describing it for quite some time, but there's clearly much more going on. The inner layers of the native Notes client code itself are being treated as components in and of themselves, so in effect the client code is being exploded and put back together in a way that maximizes integration points with the power of Eclipse. What I thought it was was cool. This is way cooler!

There was lots of more specific information about integration points between Notes and Eclipse in this presentation. It wasn't really much about views per se, and the presentation was pretty dry... but nonetheless an excellent presentation with specific examples of right-click context menu extensibility, tool/action bar extensibility, CSS customization of client look and feel, and even plugin view display modules. That last one is a future thing, but the pie chart view display plugin was a neat example of things to come.

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1. Ulrich Krause01/26/2007 09:22:43 AM

Is it possible to change columns header labels in Notes 8 during runtime ?

2. Mikkel Heisterberg01/26/2007 12:48:23 PM

I don't think you be able to do that from what I saw but at least you can write your own view presentation from Notes 8.0.1 if it is a must-have. Whether it is really worth it is another thing...

3. Jerry Glover01/26/2007 03:32:53 PM

I was in that session too Rich. I definitely agree; there is a lot more going on in the Notes 8 client than most of us previously thought. There are some intriguing possibilities there.

4. Bob Balfe01/27/2007 03:26:35 PM

You are right, all of the components for Mail and Calendar are actually first class Composite App components. I showed this in AD202 where I launched my property broker monitoring tool to show the events going around the Notes 8 Calendar. For instance, the date picker calendar in the upper left is a Component in the new model and can be used/wired to many different kinds of components that receive its date property.


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