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10:02:47 AM

This is one of the most geeky technical sessions in the conference. It started with a review of the performance stats and counters at the OS-specific level, and then went into RAID configs, number of spindles, the relationship between memory and I/O, and the impact of third party software running on Domino servers.

One important point that Russ Holden made in this presenation is that the methodology and philosophy behind the Server.Load loads that have been developed for ND8 is very different. They are limiting user counts and putting more realistic ambient loads on the server by enabling tasks that were disabled in earlier scenarios, so ND8 Server.Load results won't be comparable to ND7 results. Not sure if NotesBench loads will be the same.

There's a new SHOW IOSTAT command that can generate a file that breaks down i/o by process and database, and can be viewed in a spreadsheet. It's not sexy, but it's going to be very useful when you need it.

Cluster replication in ND8 is streaming insted of event queue based. I/O is greatly reduced because data (mostly) comes from memory without having to be read from disk.

Notes 8 will support "build-on-first-use collations". I.e., for alternate sort columns in views, the build of the collation can be done on the fly if and when the user clicks on the view header instead of being built in advance. With 9 collations enabled in the Inbox, many of which are rarely or never used by most users, this cuts i/o on mail delivery pretty dramatically. It will also support design element compression, reducing both the disk space and i/o load in exchange for a little bit of extra CPU utilization. Data note compression will come in Domino Next. Othere Domino Next i/o related improvements: a re-implemented single copy object store, streamlining the router to avoid reads and writes to when possible.

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