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05:00:43 PM

LNOTES-L is the longest continuously (apart from a few brief outages over the years) running and still active (until a couple of days ago) place where members of the Lotus Notes and Domino community have been exchanging information and supporting each other. At least, I'm not aware of anything that's been around longer. If you've ever been an LNOTES-L subscriber, please see my post about it's current status. The question at hand is: do we still need LNOTES-L?

Yeah, I know... the blog linked above is on a very early version of Blogsphere. I need to get all of the blogs I'm hosting here upgraded, but that one needs it the most.

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1. Jack Dausman04/29/2007 05:32:43 PM


1. The amount of available resources for all things Domino is massive. The title of my collection of admin tips (secrets of the admin guild) is a reference to what life used to be like before we had forums, RSS, etc.
2. The idea of distributing information through mail, which copies itself a thousand-fold (and then there are the copied replies) is antithetical to the centralization of a discussion or collaboration tool . I hope it can be kept as an archive.

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