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10:25:31 AM

It's not really that common to see a fistfight break out at Yankee Stadium, but it does happen. People tend to blame the "rowdy New York fans" for this. It seems to be more common, though, during games between the Yankees and Red Sox, though -- at least that's my impression. The sportscasters' code for this is not hard to break: "there's a break in the action due to a disturbance in the bleachers..." and from watching or listening to numerous ballgames over the past 40 or so years I have the impression that I've heard this more often during Red Sox games than in games versus other teams. Still, people tend to blame the New Yorkers, even though at any given Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium I'd estimate that the crowd is at least 25% Red Sox fans, if not more. But it's the New Yorkers who are the "rowdy" ones, right?

I don't think so! Look at this: last night there was a fight in the balcony of Boston's Symphony Hall, during a Boston Pops Orchestra concert!. That bears repeating. Two rowdy fans got into a fight at an orchestra concert in Boston! Maybe one of them was drinking too much and insulted the other one's favorite first bassoon player. I can hear it now. Some guy yelled out "Yo! Woodwinds! You guys all blow!" and the other guy said "Blow this!", and next thing you know the fists are flying.

So, next time there's a fight during a Red Sox - Yankee game, blame the rowdy Boston fans.

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1. Chris Whisonant05/10/2007 01:48:02 PM

Red Sox fans are punks (as I'm sending this link to my old roommate who is a Sox fan...)

Seriously, that's funny. I wonder if it's because Ben Folds lived in NY for a while? Looking at the wiki entry for Ben Folds, you can see the following under "Touring":
On May 9, 2007, Ben Folds performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra. The orchestra's performance was marred when a fight broke out between two audience members in the balcony, although Folds had not yet taken the stage at that point.

Man, that's pretty funny that the wiki has already been updated to reflect the incident!

2. Jerry Glover05/10/2007 06:17:15 PM

Hey Rich, I heard later in that concert that the first violin was ejected for kicking resin on Keith Lockhart's tux shoes. But anyway...

@Chris - The Wikipedians are really quick (and thorough) when it's news about a subject matter they really care about. That's why when you observe the articles on Star Trek, video games and other subject matter, it's easy to see why Wikipedia is sometimes called "the encyclopedia that geeks buit".

3. Dave Delay05/11/2007 09:00:13 AM

Rumor has it one of the guys in the fight looked a lot like Don Zimmer.

4. Richard Schwartz05/11/2007 10:26:21 AM

@2, 3: ROFLMAO

5. Curt Stone05/16/2007 04:10:00 PM

I went to college in the Boston area and I saw a few brawls break out. One time in Fenway, I witnessed a bunch of drunk guys ramming into people for no reason but to pick fights. A football game at Foxboro was very rowdy. I took my family a couple years ago to the Science Museum and Quincy Market. I watched a bunch of rowdy, really drunk guys looking for fights. In college, I had a "townie" walk up to me a tell me he was looking for a fight and decked me for no reason.
You can say I agree with your arguement about Boston fans. I went to a Yankee game last year and I was amazed at the temperment of the crowd and the Police presence.

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