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02:44:53 PM

It has been ages since I've updated my page of links to articles about Domino and AJAX. There are quite a few inbound links to that page, and I feel bad about having let it get so out of date. I know there's lots of much newers stuff out there. I could sort through my RSS database, but that would take forever and I'd probably miss a lot. So, help me out. Send me your links! I'll add them. I'll also try to spruce up the organization of the page and try and make the commentary a bit more useful.

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1. Andy Broyles05/22/2007 03:33:12 PM

Here is my post re: Scriptaculous and Domino together.

Might note hat I clicked your link and got a "HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not found in index " error.

2. Richard Schwartz05/22/2007 04:27:31 PM

Thanks Andy. I forgot the dot-htm at the end. Fixing now.


3. Thomas Bahn05/22/2007 07:06:54 PM

Please, have a look at our blog:

The first blog entry is about my session at EntwicklerCamp 2007, a Notes/Domino developers conference in Germany:
AJAX in Domino-Web-Anwendungen - der nächste Schritt
(AJAX in Domino Web applications - the next step).
It also references the presentation I hold last year:
AJAX in Domino-Web-Anwendungen
(AJAX in Domino Web applications).
Both presentations are in German only. Sorry.

The second entry is about a security issue, which one has to be aware of, if ones AJAX calls return data in JSON or JavaScript.

The third is about my first article in The View, which is a extended version of the EntwicklerCamp's presentation in English. For obvious reasons I am not allowed to post the article itself, but the database with all sample code and demos is available for download.

In the meantime my second article in The View has been published (4 advanced demos). I will write a blog entry about this one shortly.


4. Duffbert05/23/2007 03:38:38 AM

Good timing, as I mention this site in my Ajax presentation at ILUG tomorrow. :)

5. Gregg Eldred05/23/2007 10:36:55 AM

You need to add some links to Scott Good's site:

I have probably missed some, but that ought to help.

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