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02:58:10 PM

There will be plenty of feux d'artifice here in Paris on July 14th, but none today. Some colleagues suggested to me that perhaps the US embassy might put on a display, after all, the French had a lot to do with US independence, and no matter what differences we may have with France over one thng or another, saying "merci beaucoup pour notre indépendance"* once in a while seems like it could be appropriate. . But the embassy is not, and as far as I know nobody is putting on a 4th of July fireworks show here. And, sadly, I'm not really sure it would be a wise thing to do in this day and age. I guess it's a little disappointing, because seeing fireworks in Paris on the 4th of July certainly would be a really cool memory to be able to look back on.

What's really too bad, though, is that I'm heading home on 6th and I'll be back in Paris at the beginning of August. So, I'm missing Bastille Day and the Tour de France, which runs from the 7th to the 29th.

* Translation by Babelfish, and it's more or less what I would guess it should be. Hope it's correct

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1. Brian Benz07/04/2007 08:52:17 PM

The Embassy here in Canberra is the same...probably for the same reasons. Too bad. I have fond memories of celebrations at the Canadian and US embassies when I lived in London many years ago....

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