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09:11:26 PM

30 years ago next week, on my 18th birthday, my parents dropped me off at college. Classes started a few days later.

This weekend, three days before my older daughter's 18th birthday, we will drop her off at Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford. Classes will start on her birthday.

The symmetry is, of course, purely an accident -- due to the fact she was born the day before I turned 30, and the fact that our birthdays fall in that part of the year when schools tend to start. There's no surprise in this. I've been anticipating it for years, as a matter of fact. Still, now that the day is almost upon us, it does seem to add to the significance of the occasion. I can remember feeling quite strange seeing my parents drive away after we unpacked the car and moved everything into my dorm room. It was my 18th birthday, and nobody arond me knew it. I was legal! I was on my own, but so were a thousand or so classmates, and that was the more important aspect of the day... for everyone.

Of course, those were the dark ages. There was no chance of getting phone calls, text messages, emails, or facebook messages from all my friends to wish me a happy birthday.

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1. Mary Beth Raven08/28/2008 10:53:39 PM

er. Happy virtual birthday electronically to yor daughter???
and to you??!!
richard- happy birthday to you! and your offspring.

2. David Singer08/29/2008 01:01:37 PM

Congratulations and felicitations to both of you! And I hope her first week is smoother than my son's first week (based on location, the odds are good).

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