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Last night, at approximately 10:30 PM, I placed two 2'x4' political signs on properties on a major street leading into and out of my neighborhood, with the permission of the two homeowners, of course. I then went to the local campaign headquarters and joined other volunteers doing data entry work. At approximately 12:15 AM, less than two hours later, I drove past one of the signs on my way home. It had been spray-painted with a swastika.

The paint was obviously fresh, and I was able to do a quick repair job and get the sign re-posted within an half hour, although for expedience I just left it suspended on the frame rather than attached. In the morning I took my staple gun with me in the car, stopped at the sign site, and finished the repair. There are lots of smear marks, as the thinner does dissolve some of the sign's ink, too, but from a distance the sign still looks ok.

I did not take a picture of the vandalized sign. I probably should have, for the record, but you'll just have to trust me on this. On the other hand, I do have access to a picture taken of a larger sign that was just a few blocks away, which was vandalized the same way a week ago. (I won't post it, but if you really need to see it, ask.)

You see, sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Sign vandalism is highly prevalent here, and last weekend, several of our large signs around town were vandalized with swastikas, and the word "terrorist". This has happened elsewhere, too.

It is, unfortunately, doubtful that the brainless idiots who are doing this will be caught. And I am being generous. These are people who painted a universally-recognized symbol of vile hatred on a sign that is on a street that first graders walk down to get to school. "Brainless idiot" is a compliment in comparison to what I really feel about them, but I will not waste any more time thinking about what to call them. I just intend to defeat them.

The signs I am talking about, as regular readers will have already figured out, are Obama signs, but there are reports that the same thing has happened to McCain signs, too. So, when I say it is time to reject the politics of hate, that goes for both sides. People doing that need to be defeated, too. Opposition to hatred, and its symbols, is a non-partisan requirement. I fear for our country if both sides in this election, whatever the result, do not step back after it is over and completely purge their ranks of the extremists and hate-mongers who spread fear based on outright falsehoods, and either spew hatred themselves or tolerate and stir into a frenzy those who do it on their behalf.

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1. Chris Whisonant11/04/2008 10:07:19 AM

Yeah, that's really sad to hear stuff like that happening from both sides. No need for pics - we trust you and have probably seen similar pics and stories over the past several weeks.

2. Timothy Briley11/04/2008 05:44:36 PM

One guy was actually caught and punished for attacking signs:

3. Devin Olson11/05/2008 09:10:50 AM

I really don't think that most of these vandalisms (is that even a word) are politically driven. I think "politics of hate" doesn't properly describe the people who do this. A better word, perhaps, is "assholes"

BTW - Congratulations to your party and to President-elect Obama.


4. ninest12304/23/2016 04:47:35 AM

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